Our Mission


dislocate is a print and online literary journal dedicated to publishing Minnesota art that pushes the traditional boundaries of form and genre. We like work that operates in the gray areas, that resists categorization, that ignores the limits; we like work that plays with the relationship between form and content. We publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art, but we don’t mind (or even prefer) that we can’t tell which one we’re dealing with.


dislocate pinpoints its origin sometime late in 2001, when a group of University of Minnesota MFA candidates sat down and decided to join forces in a collective artistic endeavor. Such endeavors usually result in the creation of one of two things: a rock band, or a literary journal. They chose create a literary journal.

We’re still a student run-organization—all dislocate content, both web and print, is selected and edited entirely by a capable staff of graduate students in the University of Minnesota MFA Program in Creative Writing—but we’re able to do what we do only because of the support of the University of Minnesota English Department, the Edelstein-Keller Endowment, and Adam Lerner of the Lerner Publishing Group. And you, of course—it’s all for you.